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  News Analysis by David W. Virtue: Sodomite behaviour of a homosexual bishop
  NEW Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson told a large audience at St. Mark's Cathedral, Salt Lake City, Utah, recently that at the end of the day the Anglican Communion will be fine. During the address he gave an upbeat report about the Anglican Communion's future citing, among other things, Desmond Tutu, his own sexual proclivities and why the wider Anglican Communion will ultimately hold together.

Bishop Robinson's ability at fiction writing and story-telling was apparently evident in the book-signing of his latest book, "In the Eye of the Storm: Swept to the Center by God", once priced in hardcover for $25.00 and now available for $5.63 at Many, however, believe he was "swept to the center" not by God, but by votes of the HOB and Standing Committees of a theologically brain-scrambled denomination who long ago ditched their Bibles in favor of a cultural zeitgeist more amenable and malleable to pansexuality than biblical revelation.

"These last few years have been another chapter in God's people trying to find out how broad and merciful is God and God's love. We can be proud of our response," said Robinson.

Really. If "breadth" and "merciful" are the indicators, Robinson needs to explain the continuing withering of The Episcopal Church along with an horrendous fall off in members since he was consecrated bishop in 2003. How does he explain the advent of The Anglican Church in North America with more than 100,000 members, most of whom he is indirectly responsible for because of his sexual behavior. Or what of the "merciful" actions of PB Katharine Jefferts Schori who has adopted a Berlin Wall approach to fleeing Episcopalians?

Robinson told the New York Times that his diocese had grown by three per cent last year. That is flat out untrue. Every diocese in TEC, with one exception, -- the Diocese of South Carolina -- has lost membership, some great (splitting dioceses), some smaller through attrition, death, and moved membership.

Noting that the Episcopal Church struggled with questions of race in the 1960s and gender in the 1970s, Robinson said, "There will be another and another brouhaha until there is no more us vs. them, until there is just us. By then we'll be in heaven."

Robinson is being highly presumptuous to suggest that "we'll be (all) in heaven". How does he know that? These "brouhahas" have come about largely because of him and his actions. It has cost orthodox laity, clergy and bishops millions of dollars in lost properties, with millions more in lost pensions, salaries, bad health, firings, split churches, agonizing soul-searching and unmentionable pain. Robinson has not suffered, but caused all this, because he demands that his sodomite behavior be accepted by hundreds of thousands of Episcopalians and millions of Anglicans around the world. He has single-handedly done more damage than any Borgia Pope could possibly have achieved, all in the name of his selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic behavior.

Robinson said that recent attempts to redefine the Anglican Communion as a centralized body are the product "of a small minority that have lost votes here and are now turning to the Anglican Communion, trying to reassert their power elsewhere."

No one has "centralized" the Anglican Communion more than the Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr. Rowan Williams single-handedly ran The Lambeth Conference. Many believe he is acting alone in an almost papal-like manner over the breakup of the Anglican Communion. For his "sins", he is being vilified by the theological left, a variety of British pansexual organizations, with the majority of his support coming, ironically, from liberal evangelicals like Fulcrum (a blog) and Durham Bishop Tom Wright.

Robinson has stated, "We absolutely need our partners. They are the ones that have been the victims of poverty, racism, and American hegemony. We desperately need the Anglican Communion more than they need us. We need their truth told in love, and I work day and night for that."

Reality check. 22 of the 38 Anglican Communion primates and their provinces have declared they are in "broken communion" with TEC, largely because of Robinson. What about the word "broken" does Robinson not understand? Furthermore, they have rejected money from TEC to fight problems of "poverty and racism" because the money comes at too high a price -- the souls of their people. Biblically speaking, they believe that Robinson and his fellow Episcopal pansexualists are risking their eternal souls by their behavior and want no part of it. He is right about one thing, however; TEC needs the Anglican Communion more than the Anglican Communion needs TEC.

However, Jefferts Schori is making noises that she is prepared to step up to the plate and develop links between liberal parishes in the UK and establish a TEC outpost in London.

Furthermore, the Lesbian and Gay Christian groups in the UK have rejected the Archbishop's proposal of a two-track communion, which now seems dead on arrival.

The New Hampshire church leader said that the proposed Anglican covenant is the work of those who "long for a mechanism so that any church can be kept from going too far. Those people call themselves traditionalists, but I would argue they are trying to take us to a place we have never been before."

So a proposed Covenant is seemingly dead killed off not by conservatives, but by liberals who don't want anyone telling them what to do or how to live their lives. God forbid anyone should do that.

"I don't think it's going to happen," Robinson said of the covenant. "We are not alone in resisting this idea." He is right. It isn't going to happen regardless of how many drafts are written.

"At the end of the day, the Anglican Communion is going to be fine," he said. "It's going to be messy. There are some churches that are not messy, but there is great value and treasure in our messiness, once you just get used to it."

That "messiness" has cost clergy and laity millions of dollars, personal vilification by Robinson himself and many of his fellow liberal bishops like John Chane (Washington) and Jon Bruno (Los Angeles); repeated bashings of Global South Primates as homophobic and fundamentalist and much more. The Anglican Communion is not fine. It is falling apart with the vain hope that the ABC's two tracks or two tier solution will somehow rescue it.

Referring to the pending election of bishops in the dioceses of Minneapolis and Los Angeles, both of which have nominated gay or lesbian candidates, Robinson said, "Maybe I will have a special friend in the House of Bishops. It would be nice to have someone like me who has had these experiences as a special friend. It will happen -- it is a question of when."

Mrs. Jefferts Schori is publicly on record saying that she knows of other "partnered" bishops in the HOB. So, why have they not stepped up to the plate and come out, publicly supporting Robinson? Why have they left him to carry the gay ball all these years? It is the height of hypocrisy for them to hide behind closeted doors while Gene takes all the heat.

And what if a gay or lesbian is elected? Will the ABC be able to schmooze it away when Jefferts Schori is a co-consecrator? Will he try to draw yet another line in the sand giving TEC another pass? Will the Primates play dumb and roll over. They have seen this before and they won't play dumb. Is Williams prepared for the fall out? Will he trot out his two-track solution to the Primates in order to keep the Communion together?

Perhaps Robinson should reflect on this. With the advent of GAFCON, ACNA and FCA, a shadow Anglican Communion is slowly being built alongside the dying structure that is currently in place.

Orthodox Anglicans have said repeatedly that they are staying because they are not the ones who have moved from the faith once delivered, but the liberals who have departed the faith. Canon Chris Sugden put it succinctly when he wrote:

The GAFCON conference in Jerusalem and the launch of FCA was part of the plan to affirm the nature of orthodox Anglican identity and to provide support for those being pressured by the aggressive liberal agenda. That planning culminated in the birth the Anglican Church in North America.

The launch of the Anglican Church in North America and FCA (UK and Ireland) showed that the GAFCON movement was not just in Africa, but that it was firmly located in the North Atlantic, as well and was committed to promoting biblically faithful, authentically Anglican mission. The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans will be launched in South Africa in the first week of September and in North America in the fall, embracing those within and outside of TEC."

Sugden concluded by saying that the understanding of the church that underlies the Jerusalem Statement (GAFCON) is not separatist. The movement has said it is "standing (for the truth) and staying (Anglican)".

If Robinson thinks that all is well that all manner of things will be well, and that everything, at the end of the day is going to be fine, then he is in complete denial, deluding not only himself but his fellow liberal and revisionist travelers.

Bishop Mark Lawrence, when he was rector of St Paul's Episcopal parish in Bakersfield, CA, in the Diocese of San Joaquin, put it succinctly when he wrote in 2006, "The Episcopal Church in the United States of America is dying -- a comatose patient on life support. The insufficient apparatus of aging communicants, and the evaporating wealth of prior generations will not sustain the patient indefinitely. Keeping vigil at its bedside, Episcopalianism, by which I mean the ethos of that body of Anglicans in the U.S., waits, gripped by a culture of denial, which includes its inability to look at either the declining health or the ecclesiology of the dying institution to which its constitution and canons tie it. Moreover, it has lost its Anglican identity, even while it has failed to reach its own American culture in any significant way. The average Episcopalian, parish church and mission, bishop and priest, seem to prefer to sleep at the bedside of the patient, thoughtless of the impending trauma, than to prepare for the inevitable or take swift action to avert it."

It is Bishop Robinson who is on the wrong side of history, faith and the future. And he will be answerable "in that day" for the damage he has done. Courtesy:
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