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  Greetings to all our readers and patrons
Stewardship and Trusteesh
  By A.J. Philip  
  I ACCOMPANIED Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his visit to South Africa on the occasi  
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Letter to Metropolitan
  By Rev A.P. Jacob and five other priests  
  Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar  
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Back to infancy -- they n
  By Shaheen Chander  
  ENJOYING a relaxed weekend, I was checking updates on the Facebook page. I came across a b  
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  Apropos "Church should rethink homosexuality stance". Whether or not they are accepted may not make much difference to the mindset of homosexuals or to the number of those who turn to homosexuality. But yes, acceptance would put an end to curiosity and might actually help the ones opting for same sex partners make a choice on their sexual preferences based on what they want, instead of going in for merely to prove a point, out of curiosity and any other such outward reasons. Acceptance of homosexuals would do us a favour.  
  By  Serene Posted at 27/07/2010  09:06:21  
  A.J. Philip's article "In the name of Mohammed: Mutilation of Truth" was a real eye-opener. He has clearely brought out the real truth behind the unfortunate incident. One thing I want to add is that the mainstream electronic media in Kerala didn't come forward to give the actual picture. Instead, they were fanning the fire by giving provocative news without intending to give the actual story. And, ultimatly, the Kerala society paid the price for it. I thank Philip for his effort.  
  By  Aju Philip Posted at 24/07/2010  01:05:13  
  It is frightening to read about the absurdity that is promoted by the current political leaders! Obviously, the current coalition government's fixation is to hang on to power as long as they can; in fact, they are very much part of the problem -- maybe it is time that our law-abiding citizens got together and replace it sooner, the better. A divisive government that is preoccupied with public lawlessness and internal turmoil doesn't deserve to stay in power.  
  By  John T Mathew Posted at 21/07/2010  12:52:29  
  Congratulations, Philip for this wonderful article about Prof. Joseph. Kerala is really becoming a place where peace loving people find it difficult to live.  
  By  Omana Verghese Posted at 12/07/2010  04:35:58  
  CBI books ADC to ex-Governor of Punjab for corruption, runs the banner line.
Did any one notice the name of the ADC? Nir-Vikaar Singh (who is without any VIKAR, bad habit)
  By  balvinder Posted at 02/07/2010  04:52:14  
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