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Stewardship and Trusteesh
  By A.J. Philip  
  I ACCOMPANIED Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his visit to South Africa on the occasi  
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Letter to Metropolitan
  By Rev A.P. Jacob and five other priests  
  Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar  
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Back to infancy -- they n
  By Shaheen Chander  
  ENJOYING a relaxed weekend, I was checking updates on the Facebook page. I came across a b  
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A Teachers' Day special
  By By Balvinder  
  THE University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently recommended a considerable hike for college and university teachers in regard to their pay packages.

However, most of the states have yet to implement these new and liberally enhanced recommendations for one or the other reason. The few states that have implemented or have agreed "in principle" to adopt the teachers' new pay pattern have modified the recommendations as per their own whims or financial conditions.

Small wonder that one keeps hearing, from media reports, the sharp shrieks of agitating teachers from various states. Some of the agitating teachers' organisations have, reportedly, gone to the extent of observing Teachers' Day, September 5, as a black day.

It is another story that Mr Kapil Sibal, our Minister who looks after education at the Centre, is daydreaming of streamlining our dubiously downgraded education system.

Now, it is the teachers who are agitating. A bit later it would be the turn of the students to go on agitations on as silly a pretext as the decreased size of the 'samosas', due to a sharp rise in the prices of all its ingredients, in the college/varsity canteen.

All this means that education remains at the LOWEST of the priorities in our educational institutions of HIGHER learning.

Always worried and agitated over pay hikes, or seniority and designations, teachers today seem to have lost their interest in actual education for which they are appointed.

The following recent example that exposes well the sad state of affairs in our institutions of higher learning should be an eye-opener for one and all, including Mr Sibal!

The Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Chandigarh, debarred a local government college lecturer from undertaking "any remunerative work of the university, for a period of two years", vide his letter No. 6275-6309 DRS/OSS-II dated July 27, 2009.

The punishment, in effect, is a boon in disguise as the teacher would not be allowed even to act as an invigilator during examinations, a duty which every teacher despises the most.

For, those who manage to wriggle out of these invigilation duties, there are so many other ways and loopholes too for that.

However, one would surely get goose pimples when one would know why this particular teacher got that profitable punishment from the university, while the local Education Department remained dumb over the 'routine' issue.

While distributing packets of answer books of a university examination for their evaluation, this studious looking lady teacher, in History, was inadvertently handed over a bundle of Geography papers, which she 'duly' marked.

One can well imagine how sincerely or minutely she must have marked/evaluated papers of her own subject. However, none bothered about this fact and did not order any re-evaluation of all her earlier insincere and thoroughly callous evaluation work done at least during that particular session.
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